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Napkins,Bags, Serviettes, Food & Takeaway Packaging

CleantechNZ is dedicated to providing high quality and cost-effective cleaning solutions for our clients. We offer a full range of products to cover the entire cleaning process and can tailor a package specifically to suit your requirements to ensure you’re getting the best solution for the best price.

Our Food Packaging and Takeaway products include:

Cups from 4oz to 16oz and bigger if you want it, single wall, double wall, rippled,  Lids, stirrers, sugars, Napkins, Poly (CFC free) snack, lunch and compartmental boxed, clear plastic lidded boxes, burger boxes, Eco friendly bio sugar cane boxes and cutlery. Pizza boxes, noodle, rice, dessert, large, extra-large bakery boxes. Containers from 30ml to 2 litre and 20 litre for liquid!  Disposable wipes and towels smoothie cups, salad and sushi boxes.

Cleaning Products

Find out more about our cleaning products which we stock specifically for our equipment.

The list is simply too long to list everything we have in stock, so please contact us to discuss your needs!

CleantechNZ’s Napkins,Bags, Serviettes, Food & Takeaway Packaging is ideal for:


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