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Brushware, Mops Brooms ,Wringer Buckets & Micro-Fiber

CleantechNZ is dedicated to providing high quality and cost-effective cleaning solutions for our clients. We offer a full range of products to cover the entire cleaning process and can tailor a package specifically to suit your requirements to ensure you’re getting the best solution for the best price.

Our Brushes/Mops/Microfiber products include:

Traditional Brooms / Handles  /  Mops  /  Automatic Microfiber Mops  /  Lobby Brushes  /  Buckets  /  Buffing/Polishing Machines  /  Pads  /  Brushes

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Benefits of CleantechNZ Cleaning Products

Our clients know what they need, so it’s up to CleantechNZ to make sure that’s what they get. We’ll deliver the whole package straight to you when you need it, and while we’re there, we’ll top up anything else that needs replacing, saving you time.

Our systems are tried and tested and we’re always adding new products to ensure you’re getting the best solution. For the environmentally conscious, we offer an eco-friendly option, and the top of the range Diversy products are extremely sustainable.

CleantechNZ provides:

Cleaning chemicals    

  • Window cleaning products
  • Floor cleaning products
  • Multi-purpose cleaners
  • General purpose cleaners
  • Disinfectant
  • Laundry powders    

Key Benefits:

  • We’ll deliver exactly what you need, when you need it
  • Mainly concentrated for longer lasting products
  • Cost and use is lower
  • High quality products
  • Stockists of top of the range Diversy cleaning products
  • Tried and tested
  • Over 13 years’ experience in providing professional businesses with high quality and efficient cleaning products       
  • Floor care    Strippers
  • Polishers            
  • Food prep/Kitchen cleaning    Dishwashers
  • Sanitisers         

CleantechNZ’s cleaning products are ideal for:

  • Hospitality and food service businesses
  • Commercial cleaners
  • Industrial businesses
  • Education and public sector
  • International businesses


  • ProEX
  • Cleantech
  • Deb Hand soap
  • Diversy
Oates Soft Grip Bottle Brush - Brushware, Mops Brooms ,Wringer Buckets & Micro-Fiber

Oates Soft Grip Bottle Brush

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Cleaning Products

Find out more about our cleaning products which we stock specifically for our equipment.

The list is simply too long to list everything we have in stock, so please contact us to discuss your needs!

CleantechNZ’s Brushware, Mops Brooms ,Wringer Buckets & Micro-Fiber are ideal for:


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