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Cloths, Wipes, Scourers & Dusters

CleantechNZ is dedicated to providing high quality and cost-effective cleaning solutions for our clients. We offer a full range of products to cover the entire cleaning process and can tailor a package specifically to suit your requirements to ensure you’re getting the best solution for the best price.

Our Cloth and Duster products include:

Disposable Cloths  /  Cloth Rolls  /  Dispensers  /  Cotton Cloths  /  Micro-fiber  /  Tough Cloths  /  Pole Dusters  /  Cob Web Dusters  /  Feather Dusters  /  Silicone Fibre Dusters  /  Long Dusters  /  Extendable Dusters /Scourers

The list is simply too long to list everything we have in stock, so please contact us to discuss your needs!

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