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Hotel, Motel Cafe & Hospitality Supplies

What’s the point of having the best cleaning products if you don’t have commercial grade equipment to apply them with? At CleantechNZ we’re dedicated to providing everything you need to complete the job.

Our Hospitality and Hotel products include:

Bathroom/washroom products  /  Air fresheners/deodorisers  /  Cleaning chemicals and eco friendly solutions  /  Soap and dispensers  /  Towels and toilet papers  /  Brushes  /  Gloves  /  Sanitary Bins  /  Cloths  /  Disposable Cloths  /  Bed Linen

Benefits of these products > find out more

Benefits of CleantechNZ Cleaning Equipment

We have a full range of cleaning equipment available, including:

CleantechNZ supplies:  

  • Dispensing equipment for sanitisers, cleaning solutions, soaps
  • Vacuum cleaners – we have access to a range of options from pull along, back pack and ride on vacuum cleaners
  • Wet and dry vacuums
  • Scrubber driers
  • Polishers
  • Water blasters
  • Brush ware
  • Cleaning tools – buckets, trolleys, gloves
  • Clothes, sponges, wipes
  • Mops 

Key Benefits:      

  • Exceptional after-sales service
  • We fully back all the services and parts of our cleaning equipment
  • We source the best equipment to suit your needs – we know one size doesn’t fit all
  • We stock leading brands
  • We’ll show you how to get the best out of your equipment
  • Cleantech will recommend the best cleaning products to go with your equipment

Cleaning Products

Find out more about our cleaning products which we stock specifically for our equipment.

The list is simply too long to list everything we have in stock, so please contact us to discuss your needs!

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