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CleantechNZ offers a full service option for cleaning products and equipment, food packaging, and commercial linen. We’ve been in the industry for nearly 17 years, we know that businesses don’t have time going to several different suppliers for all their cleaning chemicals and equipment – and with CleantechNZ, you don’t have to.

Not only do we offer a massive range of industrial and commercial cleaning products, including sanitisers, foam soaps, vacuum cleaners, brush ware, and much more, but we also have the expert knowledge to guarantee that you get the right product for the job.

We fix the problems others can’t – that’s a fact.

We’re committed to saving you time, money and hassle. By working with CleantechNZ, you’ll have access to:

  • Expert knowledge
  • High quality products
  • On-going service and after sale care
  • Door-to-door delivery

Find out how CleantechNZ can help you:

Product Range

Click here to view our extensive range of cleaning products, equipment, and food packaging.

How to order

If you’re interested in ordering your cleaning products & equipment with CleantechNZ – click here to contact us.

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